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Counselling Agreement

Counselling and Psychology ~ Kathleen Huitema ~ 207 Bridge Street Nelson ~ 03 5456207 or 028 25541930

Counselling is a partnership, as we start our work it may be helpful for us both to be clear about what we expect from each other to assist our work to progress smoothly.

How long will we work together ?
During our first session we will discuss the length of time we might be working together. This might be for a few sessions only or you may wish to engage in longer term counselling work. Each session will last 60 minutes.

Confidentiality ...
Anything you discuss with me during a session is confidential. I will not reveal anything you have said to anyone else, other than in the following circumstances:

  • Supervision: I have regular supervision with an experienced practitioner. The purpose of supervision is for me to focus on and improve the quality of my work with clients. I may discuss my work with you with my supervisor. If I do this, I will seek to protect your identity by not revealing your name or other identifying details. My supervisor is also committed to confidentiality.
  • Safety issues: I will not maintain confidentiality if I feel concerned about your safety or the safety of others. If I feel concerned that you or someone else is going to be, or is being harmed, I will discuss this with you, with the intention of us working out what needs to happen to keep people safe. If I still feel concerned after our discussion I will tell you that I am going to break our confidentiality agreement. I will tell you who I am going to talk to. I will not break confidentiality without your knowledge unless I believe that telling you will increase the risk of harm.
  • Permission to discuss: You may want to grant me permission from time to time to discuss matters with a named person. In that case you will instruct me and the other person what you want/don’t want to be discussed. I undertake to abide strictly to your instructions.

Clinical Notes ...
I write brief clinical notes during or after each session which I keep locked in a filing cabinet. I protect your identity by using a code instead of using your name in my notes and on my calandar. I keep records for a period of ten years after which time they are shredded.

Changing or cancelling appointments ...
Please give as much advance notice as possible if you decide to change or cancel an appointment by phoning or leaving a voice message. I will do the same if unavoidably I have to change an appointment with you. You will be charged half fee if you do not keep an appointment without letting me know or cancel at very short notice leaving no opportunity for me to make another appointment.

For private clients a sliding scale can be negotiated according to individual circumstance, this may range from $60-$90/hr session.

Some additional funding may be available to you from Work and Income (WINZ). WINZ fund counselling through the Disability Allowance, the maximum funding from WINZ is $63.22 a week. You don't have to be on a benefit to qualify for a Disability Allowance. Work and Income New Zealand want to make sure people who get Disability Allowance to help pay for their counselling are attending. To help with this WINZ ask you to complete a privacy waiver giving the me permission to report back to Work and Income on attendance, including failure to attend and that counselling has ended.

If covered by ACC there is no charge to you. Likewise if you are referred by your workplace’s Employment Assistance Programme EAP (OCP or WPS).

Parking ...
Please find a park on the street. The spaces immediately in front of the counselling rooms are reserved for patients of the Dermatology Clinic only. Some parking spaces may be available in Ngaire Place which runs alongside the Riverside Pool. It is a good idea to allow enough time to find a parking space in order to be on time for your appointment.

What if I do something that you do not like?
It will be helpful for both of us to discuss with each other any difficulties that we experience during the course of our work. It is likely to be beneficial for you to talk with me about a problem rather that just stop coming.

Professional Membership ...
I hold membership to the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC) and Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association (AANZPA). I abide by the legal and ethical guidelines of these professional orginisation.

Emergencies ...
If it is important to get in touch with me urgently you can contact me on 028 25541930 (this is not a cell phone number) and leave a voice message with your telephone number. We can have a brief conversation and make a time for an emergency appointment. Sometimes I may be away from Nelson for several days and will not get the message until I return home. Other services available in an emergency are: your General Practitioner(doctor); Lifelinc, 548 2400 or 0800 726 666 (a community service which has trained counsellors available to talk on the telephone 24 hours a day); the Mobile Community Team, 546 1421 (MCT,are a 24 hour mental health service based at Nelson Hospital).

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