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John Parsons

Cyber Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant

BIT, Diplct5, Diplct6.

I am an Internet Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant to schools, the private sector and the health sector. I provide specialist advice and direction on the safe use of Digital Communication Technology.

I works alongside Police, Children Young Persons and their Families (CYF) and Health Professionals delivering training in child protection to attendees who come from a wide range of professions.
The focus of this work is the reduction of child abuse in New Zealand.

Working with children and Families

I work with individuals, young people who have become ensnared by predatory adults across digital networks, those who have been cyber abused and victims of sexting.

Services offered

Parent/Guardian and child sessions (1 hour)
Learning how to repel and report.

The focus in these sessions is on helping a child/young person to remove themselves from inappropriate relationships or situations which have been enabled by the use of ICT. These sessions help minors learn to understand the dangers of the inappropriate use of digital communication technology. This may include follow-up sessions to monitor progress.

Family sessions (2 Hours).

Learning how to protect family and friends.

This involves educating the whole family and focuses attention on the responsibility family members have for helping to keep each other safe as well as themselves. Typically these workshops are required when one or more members have exposed the whole family to elements of risk.

John is a published author of “Keeping Your Children Safe Online” and a social commentator who works throughout New Zealand and Internationally.

​“Empathy is a gift children share between themselves every day, so when we see it we should acknowledge it, and when possible, reward it” ~ John Parsons

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